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"Z32 GCK (Version 3)"

Z32 Gearbox Conversion Kit
To Fit Nissan 180sx, s13, s14, Silvia, 200sx (SR20)

100% Made in Australia
100% Engineered in Australia

What Is It?

This product includes the parts required to convert the standard manual gearbox in your...

  • Nissan 180sx, s13, s14, Silvia or 200sx (SR20 engine)

To use the bigger and stronger manual gearbox from a...

  • Nissan Z32 300zx "Fairlady" (VG30 engine)



The full ALPHA OMEGA Z32 Gearbox Conversion Kit for the Nissan Silvia 180sx, s13 and s14 (SR20)


Why Do I Need It?

Nissan 180sx/s13/s14/Silvia/200sx's come with small and weak manual gearbox gearboxes from the factory. They are known to frequently break when upgrading the power, upgrading the clutch and/or driving hard. You need this because you don't want to break the standard gearbox or you've already broken it.


Why Use a Z32 300ZX Gearbox?

The Z32 300zx gearbox is an “FS5W30A” model which is also used in the: R32 GTR Skyline, R33 GTS25T Skyline, R33 GTR Skyline, R34 GTT Skyline, Z32 300zx Fairlady.

It's cheaper but has the same internals (same strength) as the Skyline R33/RB25DET gearbox, the gear ratio's are the same, Z32 is available in both non-turbo and twin-turbo variants (our kits suit both) and Z32 gearboxes are generally in better condition, especially the non-turbo variant.



Closeup of the CNC billet adapter plate

How Does It Work?

There are many ways to do this and we believe we have engineered the neatest, strongest and safest GCK to suit the Nissan 180sx, s13 and s14. Here's how we've done it:

  1. Attach the gearbox onto the engine - we do this by using a fully CNC machined billet adapter plate. Bolt the adapter plate onto the engine and the Z32 gearbox will bolt onto the adapter plate. We use a total of 16 high tensile silver bolts here, the most bolts by far.
  2. Attach it to the car - we do this by manufacturing a boxed and braced cross member. Bolt it onto the gearbox and onto the car. The cross member angles the Z32 gearbox approximately 2 degrees to give more clearance in the small Silvia transmission tunnel.
  3. Position the shifter - we designed a shortened CNC billet shifter linkage and shortened rigid shifter bracket to re-position the Z32's shifter closer to standard. As part of this design the shifter movement is not standard.



Closeup of the boxed and gusseted cross-member in ProBlackCoat

Overview Of The Z32GCK

At the centre of our GCK is a 1-piece, fully CNC machined, lightweight billet alloy adapter that is both dowelled to the engine and also dowelled to the gearbox using genuine Nissan alignment dowels - the correct position of the dowels are extremely important for reliability; lining up the gearbox to the engine to the clutch, which is why we use computer-controlled machines to do it all. It is made to minimum engineering specifications for thickness.

We designed it to use your existing flywheel, existing flywheel bolts and existing clutch setup. Nothing is changed in this critical area. The Z32 shifter position is offset West and a shave of the trim is recommended; please refer to the installation photos below.

Installation requires machining of the Z32 gearbox bellhousing - this is done to make room for the CNC adapter plate. We provide full step-by-step machining instructions to give to your installer, or we have pre-machined and cleaned Z32 gearbox bellhousings available as an exchange service - send us your old bellhousing and we'll send you a machined bellhousing and the GCK.



Closeup of the shifter bracket and CNC machined billet steel linkage in ProBlackCoat

Features & Benefits:

  • Full 360º adapter plate to ensure strength and safety
  • Uses all genuine Nissan alignment doweled on both sides for correct alignment
  • Uses your existing flywheel, flywheel bolts, clutch and gearbox mount for cost savings
  • NO flywheel spacer is used for your safety
  • Moved the shifter position to be closer to standard


What's Included?

The ALPHA OMEGA Z32GCK includes everything needed to install a Z32 300zx gearbox into your car...

  1. 1-piece CNC machined, 360º, lightweight billet alloy adapter
  2. ProBlackCoat shifter bracket, "heavy duty" for a solid shifting feel
  3. ProBlackCoat CNC machined billet steel shifter linkage
  4. ProBlackCoat boxed and braced gearbox cross member
  5. Zinc coated nuts, bolts and miscellaneous hardware
  6. Extra low profile upper extension housing cover plate
  7. Z32 gearbox starter motor hole cover plate
  8. 2 clutch fine tuning rings
  9. Full installation manual



The Full Z32GCK

What's Needed To Complete The Conversion?

  1. A Z32 300zx gearbox (with its sensors, shifter and slave cylinder) (B.Y.O. or we can supply one)
  2. A tailshaft (B.Y.O. or we can supply one)


A fully set up Z32GCK (version 1, now shipping version 3!) with optional short shifter.

Installation Photos

s13 to z32 Gearbox Installs13 to z32 Gearbox Installs13 to z32 Gearbox Installs13 to z32 Gearbox Install
s13 to z32 Gearbox Installs13 to z32 Gearbox Installs13 to z32 Gearbox Installs13 to z32 Gearbox Install


Other Parts To Go With Your Conversion...



Tailshaft / Propshaft

ALPHA OMEGA ISO-balanced tailshafts uses the highest rated SPICER 1330+ serviceable and replaceable components and their high-end SPL triple-seal unijoints on a 0.065" thin-wall tube - we choose these parts and specifications so that our tailshafts are both strong and lightweight as well as be durable and rebuildable. SPICER is an OEM drivetrain components manufacturer and is the world's best. Through our research and development we offer the following 3 options, and recommend the cheaper 2-piece option:

  • 1-piece 3.25" tailshaft
  • 2-piece 3" FRONT-SECTION-ONLY tailshaft that is balanced with your OEM rear-section
  • And our ultimate tailshaft: an all new 2-piece 3" FRONT+REAR tailshaft with all new components

All tailshafts are now customised to your car to ensure a perfect fit, please contact us for more information.

DANA Spicer UnijointTailshaftTailshafts13 to z32 Gearbox Install



Shifter / Gear Lever

ALPHA OMEGA Z32 short shifters are unlike every other Z32 shifter we've seen and tested. The shifter uses a unique roller bearing technology for the pivot which provides for crisp, solid shifts and will not wear out like regular bushes. The shifter is housed in its own OEM-style cage: no metal-on-metal harsh and noisy contact, rubber bushed to reduce noise, reduce vibrations, increase shifter feel and increase driver satisfaction.
Furthermore, the short shifter reduces the throw by 33% (1/3), the main shaft is 2-piece dampened construction to reduce vibration and for a better feel, and is angled slightly towards the driver.





Gearbox Refresh Kit

We also stock a 7-piece genuine Nissan OEM + NISMO gearbox refresh kit that we highly recommend with your GCK. Parts include: front main seal, rear main seal, front cover gasket, rear cover gasket, clutch fork dust boot, striking rod dust boot, Nismo strengthened clutch pivot ball.


Gearbox Refresh KitGearbox Refresh KitGearbox Refresh KitGearbox Refresh Kit



Electronic Speedo Corrector Kit Ver 2

The Z32 gearboxes uses a different speed sensor which will give you inaccurate readings on your speedo. To fix this issue we can put together an electronic speedo corrector kit which is also useful for correcting changes to your final drive/diff ratio as well as changing wheel and tyre sizes. It comes with comprehensive instructions and wiring.

Version 2 is much smaller, lighter and has a larger range of adjustability. The 4th pic below is a comparision between Version 1 and Version 2.


Electronic Speedo Corrector KitElectronic Speedo Corrector KitElectronic Speedo Corrector KitElectronic Speedo Corrector Kit




For orders, please email us at:

Item Price
180sx-to-Z32 gearbox conversion kit version 3
s13-to-Z32 gearbox conversion kit version 3
s14-to-Z32 gearbox conversion kit version 3
Tailshaft options
(all rated 1330+)
1-piece 3.25" tailshaft $940
2-piece 3" FRONT-SECTION-ONLY tailshaft (Balanced with your OEM rear-section)
(Upgradable rear section at a later date for $760)
2-piece 3" FRONT+REAR tailshaft (all new components) $1750
Dampened short shifter with roller bearing pivot $290
Gearbox bellhousing pre-machined, exchange service, immediate delivery Click here for machining options
Electronic speedo corrector kit version 2 $180
Nissan + NISMO Z32 gearbox 7-piece refresh kit (all genuine Nissan OEM + NISMO parts) $250
Nissan Z32 300zx gearbox (rebuilt) Click here for rebuilding options
Nissan Z32 300zx gearbox (used) Please enquire
Installation available Please enquire


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