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Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc
Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc
To Fit Nissan s14, s15, Silvia, 200sx (SR20)




100% Made in Australia
100% Engineered in Australia

What Is It?

The ALPHA OMEGA Fuel Rail Kit "FRK" will allow you to install Bosch (Injector Dynamics) 1000cc or 2000cc top feed fuel injectors into your Nissan Silvia/200sx s14 or s15, using your standard OEM intake manifold. No intake manifold spacers required.


SR20DET 1000cc 2000cc Fuel Rail Kit


Why Do I Need It?

You want more fuel - either to future proof or you're already at the limit of your current injectors, without sacrificing the quality of your fuel delivery.

The below table shows the recommended power limit on a good & safe tune of various high quality, multi-pintle, good control and good spray pattern fuel injectors currently available for the SR20DET. Shown are 98 octane pump petrol and E85 ethanol fuel.

Size (Brand) Recommended Power Limit (rear wheel kilowatts)
98 Octane Pump E85 Ethanol
550cc (NISMO, Tomei, HKS) 220 190
740cc (NISMO, Tomei, HKS) 280 230
850cc (Sard) 300 240
1000cc (Bosch / Injector Dynamics) 360 260
2000cc (Bosch / Injector Dynamics) 750 520

Note: Up to 20% more power is possible depending on supporting modifications but is not recommended.
Note: Different sizes/brands of injectors have different characteristics using different fuels, and the size/power ratio is not linear.


Why Use Bosch (Injector Dynamics) Injectors?

Most aftermarket injectors for the SR20 are made by JECS (NISMO, Tomei, HKS) or Denso (Sard) and as their capacity increases the quality of the spray pattern decreases. The highest acceptable spray pattern by JECS is 740cc (which is probably why NISMO/Tomei/HKS sell them under their own name) although there are various "high flow" JECS injectors sold under various other brands (not NISMO/Tomei/HKS) in the region of 1000cc - 1200cc. We have obtained and done our testing on these high flow JECS injectors and unfortunately their spray pattern does not meet our standards.
If those were good then we wouldn't have spent our time in developing this product.

The Bosch (Injector Dynamics) injectors; we've poured over the technical data, examined them on the flow bench, done our own testing, and put them in action - they're great! They are also high impedance injectors which are perfect for the SR20. Bosch makes the injectors as used by Injector Dynamics, and Bosch is one of the highest quality manufacturers today - these injectors are no exception.

It is widely known that Bosch (Injector Dynamics) injectors have superior control, atomisation and spray pattern and is currently the world's best injectors, hands down, no questions asked, so that's why we use and carry them.


SR20DET 1000cc 2000cc Fuel Rail Kit



Overview of The Fuel Rail Kit - "FRK"

ALPHA OMEGA's FRK is completely CNC machined out of solid billet alloy and includes a set of flow matched injectors. We make two different FRKs; FRK1000 with 1000cc injectors, and FRK2000 with 2000cc injectors. The FRK is designed to suit the standard OEM intake manifold and NOT use any spacers.

Originally designed by Unigroup Engineering, ALPHA OMEGA has made a number of improvements to give you the "FRK". The FRK can be configured for OEM style single entry / single feed, or dual entry / dual feed (central return). You can choose to use braided lines or regular fuel lines and an assortment of fittings from -AN to barb. You can even pick the size of the lines and fittings.

At this level of modifications we recommend using an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator with an upgraded diaphragm, which is why we did not adapt the OEM fuel pressure regulator.


Features & Benefits:

  • 100% CNC machined billet alloy construction to ensure accuracy, strength and safety
  • Flexibility and choice:
    • Your choice of single entry / single feed, or dual entry / dual feed (with central return)
    • Your choice of line size and style (-AN style, pushlock, barb fittings, etc)
    • Your choice of normal braided, Teflon or regular fuel lines
  • NO intake manifold spacer is used to ensure:
    • No change in intake runner length
    • No sharp angles, corners or flat internal surfaces
    • Perfect airflow
    • Easier installation


What's Included?

  1. 1 x CNC machined billet alloy fuel rail
  2. 3 x CNC machined billet alloy stands
  3. 4 x CNC machined billet alloy injector bosses
  4. 4 x Flow matched injectors
  5. 4 x Injector plugs (Injector side)
  6. 4 x Injector plugs (Wiring harness side) - No need to cut your old plugs off
  7. 4 x Special individual fuel injector filters
  8. 8 x Viton o-rings
  9. 4 x Large Nitrile Butadiene o-rings
  10. 4 x Small Nitrile Butadiene o-rings
  11. Male tail, plug and hose
  12. Various nuts and bolts and washers
  13. Full installation instructions


SR20DET 1000cc 2000cc Fuel Rail Kit

Note: Not all parts included in the kit are shown in the above pic.

What's Needed For a Full Install?

  1. Aftermarket universal fuel pressure regulator
  2. Lines and fittings


Installation Photos

Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc
Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc Nissan S14 S15 SR20 Top Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc 2000cc




Why Injector Flow Matching?

ALPHA OMEGA flows and balances the injectors in your FRK1000 or FRK2000 to provide you with a matched set. It is important to flow match injectors to ensure that no one cylinder runs lean and another runs rich, and at 1-2000cc a small difference in percentage is a large difference in absolute terms. We do this by obtaining dozens and dozens of injectors and carry out batch testing, then group and then re-test. Here's some of our injectors during testing:


Injector Flow Matching


Here's a quick video to show you why flow matching is important. They are 4 (brand new) injectors taken out of the package, set up on the injector testing machine, broken in and then flowed:



As shown in the video, large manufacturing tolerances do exist, that's why ALPHA OMEGA flow matches injectors.




For orders, please email us at:

Item Price
s14 or s15 FRK1000 (Fuel Rail Kit 1000cc) including 4 flow matched injectors $1250
s14 or s15 FRK2000 (Fuel Rail Kit 2000cc) including 4 flow matched injectors $1500
Installation available Please enquire


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