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"1 on 1" HANDS ON Engine Performance Dyno Tuning Lessons

Master Instructor: Yavuz of Unigroup Engineering
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In addition to all the benefits of a group lesson (worth $500), this is a 1 on 1 lesson (yourself and the tuner) where your car will be fully tuned from scratch (worth $850). You will be in the car rubbing shoulders with our expert dyno tuner, taking control of the laptop as well as the dyno. Yes that's right, you will be doing a FULL tune on your own car! (priceless)


Are you a DIYer who has modified your own car and wants to tune it too? Are you an automotive enthusiast wanting to learn more about getting the most out of your engine and your modifications? Maybe an aspiring engine tuner?

Then you will love this day!
This is for all automotive enthusiasts to broaden your knowledge of how to improve your overall engine performance, plus get hands on dyno time.

  • Find out the secrets to tuning!
  • Get hands on interactive dyno tuning on one of your own car (under professional supervision so it won’t get harmed)
  • You specify exactly what you want to learn
  • No question too hard, too silly, or too off limits
  • 1 on 1 for the ultimate in maximum learning


So... What Exactly Is This?

We have finally convinced master tuner Yavuz Guven of highly-respected Unigroup Engineering to teach you anything you’ve ever wanted to know about engine tuning. There is no set "course" as Yavuz will teach you what you want to learn and nothing that you don’t. Anything can be taught and you literally define the contents of the day.

This isn’t just another expensive sit down and yawn lecture but it’s for anyone who’s interested in high performance vehicles. It’s a unique interactive practical day with teachings and demonstrations on a car you choose, right in front of your eyes... then you get to go behind the wheel and do it with your very own hands!

Nowhere else will you be able to find a tuning session with value close to this, with this much hands-on time.


What Can I Learn?

Anything! Here are some of the things you may want to learn:

  • I just installed a new modification; can you show me how to retune the car to get the most out of it?
  • What is the right AFR to use and what happens if I change it?
  • How can I pass EPA emissions tests?
  • How can I fix what is causing knock/ping/detonation?
  • What is a safe level of boost for my engine?
  • What is timing and how can I take advantage of it?
  • How do we choose the right camshafts?


You Will Enjoy and Greatly Benefit From This Session If You:

  • Are an automotive enthusiast wanting to learn more about getting the most out of your engine and your modifications
  • A DIY’er who has modified your own car and wants to tune it too
  • Are somebody that does not want to get ripped off or taken for a ride by dubious workshops recommending you questionable modifications
  • Are an aspiring engine tuner
  • Want to keep armchair mechanics and internet tuners honest
  • Want to learn key factors on engine tuning to be able to figure things out on your own, not just limiting yourself to "change this then you get that"


A Comparison (with other courses):

Green = Desirable
= Average
= Undesirable


Unigroup Engineering



1 person
1 teacher

Typically 20 or more (1 group)

Q&A time



1-on-1 time




Learn anything you want

Learn what they want to teach you


Hands on practical

Sit down seminar/lecture/
hands- off demonstrations


Most ECUs

Generally brand specific ECU only


Fun, relaxed, friendly

Formal, rigid


Weekend (Sunday)

Usually Weekdays


Small profit, supporting enthusiasts

Large profit, sell/promote a brand of ECU


You will be placed in a group  that matches your current skill/knowledge level

Everyone in the largest possible group regardless of skill/knowledge level



$250-$3000 (Typically $1000+ for something decent)


Details & Bookings

Time: 10am – 4pm
Day: Most Sunday's
Date: Up to you...
Location: Unit 17/17a Amax Avenue Girraween, NSW, 2145
Bookings: Please send us an email and we will reply with a short questionnaire to understand you and your needs, and include steps to secure your spot:



For bookings, please email us at:

Item Price
"1 on 1" HANDS ON Engine Performance Dyno Tuning Lessons $1500


One More Thing... Industry Exclusions

Because the sessions are designed specifically to support the community at such good value we will not accept any bookings for these sessions from applicants already in professional tuning industry/tuning for profit. If you are interested to further your professional tuning skills please enquire for coaching options.

Unigroup Engineering

About Yavuz and
Unigroup Engineering

Yavuz first started high performance engine tuning in the early 1990’s on carburettors. He proceeded on to formal education at the University of Technology Sydney gaining a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, which is his greatest strength as a high performance engine tuner. Since then, Yavuz has participated in countless training courses including those held by engine management system manufacturers, and has also worked in the field of vehicle emissions testing which further strengthens his tuning experience and knowledge.

Picture Coming Soon

In 2002 Yavuz co-started Unigroup Engineering with the main focus being high performance engine tuning. This key aspect differentiates Unigroup Engineering from the others as their core business, from the very first day, has been dyno tuning. On average Yavuz spends 20 hours a week tuning high performance cars as well as tuning for best emissions for EPA tests; he has tuned hundreds of cars to date used for road, rally, drift, drag and circuit racing.

His passion is now in high tech high performance turbocharged fuel injected vehicles but still likes old school carburettors and distributors.


I can not describe just how good this day was. The knowledge that yavus and his team where passing on was priceless, and can only come from years of experiance. The day was great we covered a range of topics. Not just spacific tuning topics but mechanical ones and how it effects tuning.
- Norm


Well, I can highly recommend the day. I went to the 14March session, and thought it was well worth it, even if you aren't going to actively tune your own.

First up, some basic knowledge, and an understanding of what people wanted to gain out of the day. Once we'd gained some basic insight, on to test out some of the theory on the dyno, with everyone getting time to sit with Yavuz in the car and dial in and out more fuel and more advance, and see the effect on power...

- Craig


This was a fantastic day. Thanks very much to Yavuz and the guys at unigroup for making the day flow and providing loads of information in a way that doesnt overwhelm.
The mixture of theory and hands on experience was excellent, allowing us to test the theory whilst it was still fresh in our minds.

I recommend this course to anyone who has an interest, i guarentee you will come away with alot!

Thankyou again!

- Amy


The tuning workshop was fantastic value. For me the best concept I grasped was in understanding the combustion pressure changes either side of top dead centre.
- Andrew


Had an Awesome time at unigroup on sunday, Yavuz IS the smartest tuner i have ever met. Best value for money, i learnt alot, we covered in detail every question the group had about tuning.
- Jeremy


I spent all day at Unigroup for a tuning info day yesterday and I can honestly say that I doubt there is any tuner in Sydney who has the experience, knowledge and expertise as Yavuz does when it comes to tuning.
- Mitch


Found it highly informative,,,well run and I learned heaps.
I didn't go to actually learn how to tune my car (which I can now),,,I went so I can look over my tuners shoulder and know exactually why he's doing the changes he's doing or more importantely questioning why he's doing said changes.

- Neil


Just wanted to thank Wing and Unigroup staff for a great day!
It exceeded my all expectations! I really did learn a lot about how engine works and how to make it perform better, even though I did my homework and read few articles on tuning and stuff.

Practice was quite amazing, for me especially as my car was the lucky one to be worked on. I was very impressed to drive away with 40kw at the wheels more than what I came with. First we squeezed everything we could out of it at 9psi. Tried to get it to knock lightly, but it just didn't, so we increased the boost to 14psi, heard light knock, adjusted fuel and ignition maps and in the end we've got 180kw at the wheels, which is a very nice figure for a quick exercise at 14psi on 36deg day....

- Kostya
(SR20DET: exhaust, intercooler, filter. Group tuned on the day)


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