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UN1CAMS SR20DET Camshafts


by Unigroup Engineering

SR20DET Camshafts
To Fit Nissan 180sx, s13, s14, s15, Silvia, 200sx

Made in Australia
Engineered in Australia


UN1CAMS are the newest "STEP 1" direct install "drop in" camshafts to be released for the SR20DET and are designed to gain power and torque across the whole RPM range for the best overall improvements "under the dyno curve".

  • The most power and torque gains across the rev range up to 7500rpm
  • Excellent part-throttle response
  • VCT/VTC compatible
  • Best overall improvements "under the dyno curve"
  • Made and engineered in Australia from brand new billet SR20DET blank cams




Max Gains Across The Rev Range Up To 7500rpm

Instead of sacrificing low and mid-range power for top end power UN1CAMS are fundamentally designed differently to make the most power and torque across the rev range up to 7500rpm. Optimised for minimal lag and maximum power to make street driving more enjoyable and to get you the best results at the racetrack, UN1CAMS makes more power and more torque everywhere over 2500rpm when compared to standard cams running the same boost.

Compared to other popular aftermarket camshafts UN1CAMS have produced more power and more torque across the majority and sometimes even across the entire RPM range.




Why 7500rpm?

These cams were specifically designed to work with the standard bottom end and to be a direct install with no other changes required. UN1CAMS are low duration and do not require upgraded valve springs, retainers, or gears.

We stay close to the OEM rev range because engine wear and tear increases exponentially as the engine RPM rises. Reliability and longevity is important. Instead of making the power in the 8000+rpm area, UN1CAMS are optimised to make the power by 7000-7500rpm for less lag, higher overall power and torque gains, more response and longer engine life.

UN1CAMS are well matched to small to medium sized bolt-on SR20 turbocharger kits up to 350rwkw/470rwhp including:

  • OEM Nissan factory turbos
  • Garrett GT2860, GT2871, GT3071/GTX3071 and GT3076/GTX3076
  • Trust T517Z, T518z, and TD06-series
  • HKS GT-RS and 3037-series
  • Tomei ARMS M7960 and M8270




Are These Cams Suitable For You?

We do NOT recommend these camshafts if you:

  • Have a built motor that frequently revs to and over 8000rpm+
  • Want the biggest peak power figure

We recommend these camshafts if you:

  • Have a motor with an rpm limit up to 7500rpm
  • Don't want to sacrifice low range torque and mid range power
  • Street drive your car
  • Want excellent response and power across the whole rev range
  • Circuit race, time attack or drift (and want excellent transient response)
  • Are running a small to medium sized turbo (capable of producing up to 350rwkw or 470rwhp)


Specifications and Comparison

All camshafts listed below are "step 1" or "drop in" and do not require any other modification.
Standard valve springs are compatible with all of the below camshafts (standard valve springs do not "bind" even at 12.5mm of lift).
* Prices are approximations.


Brand Model Intake


Duration (deg) Lift (mm) Duration (deg) Lift (mm)
Unigroup UN1CAMS s13 257 11.9 257 11.9
s14/s15 252 11.5 257 11.9
HKS Step 1 s13 256 11.5 256 11.5
s14/s15 256 11.5 256 11.5
Trust/Greddy Easy s13 256 10.5 264 10.5
s14/s15 256 10.5 264 10.5
Tomei Poncams s13 256 11.5 256 11.5
s14/s15 256 11.5 256 11.5
JUN s13 256-264 10.5-11 256-264 10.5-11


UN1CAMS are engineered with high lift and low duration which are the fundamental differences that set the UN1CAMS apart from the rest. We find that UN1CAMS outperform other "step 1" or "drop in" off the shelf brand name camshafts by up to 8rwkw across the RPM range on a SR20DET producing approximately 250rwkw.



Dyno Results...



UN1CAMS + Garrett GT3071

This result is from a s13 running a s15 engine, running the following modifications:

Nismo 740cc injectors, Z32 Air Flow Meter, GReddy valve springs, JJR exhaust manifold modified to suit a 44mm Tial external wastegate, 3" exhaust, Trust 400x300x100mm tube and fin intercooler, Splitfire coilpacks, old Blitz dsbc boost controller, Bosch 044 fuel pump and surge tank, Trust copy sump, 40mm china radiator, Trust oil cooler, s15 Apexi Power FC, Garrett GT3071 (56T 71mm compressor 0.5ar housing, 84T 60mm GT30 turbine 0.63 housing) and of course the UN1CAMS.

Note: the dyno tune was done on Toyo R888 semislicks, spark breaking down so bit of a rough curve:



UN1CAMS + Standard S15 Turbo

This result is on a s15 running the following modifications:

Apexi pod filter, Z32 Air Flow Meter, 3" exhaust, Trust intercooler, Blitz iColor boost controller, Sard fuel pump, Nismo 740cc injectors, Apexi Power FC, Unigroup valve springs, standard s15 turbo and of course the UN1CAMS:



UN1CAMS vs Trust/GReddy

This result is on an s15 running the standard s15 turbo and the only changes being a swap from Trust EASY cams to UN1CAMS and Unigroup valve springs (due to a rocker arm breaking). The power and boost numbers are taken off original dyno sheets here:

Trust/GReddy Easy cams original dyno sheet
UN1CAMS original dyno sheet



Due to the variation in boost and therefore power, we have put together this graph for a normalised version of the above to show you an accurate as possible picture. What we mean by "normalised" is that we've eliminated the boost variable so that this is what the results would look like if we ran exactly the same boost all the way across the RPM range. The formula used to calculate it is: NEW POWER = OLD POWER/(OLD BOOST+14.7)*(NEW BOOST+14.7). For example, at 4000rpm the EASY cams was making 150rwkw at 20psi, now it's making 141rwkw at the same 18psi boost the UN1CAMS were running, and at 6000rpm the EASY cams was making 195rwkw at 15psi of boost, now making 202rwkw at the same 16psi boost the UN1CAMS were running. Note that by normalising the results we have actually increased the power results of the Trust cams in most areas of the graph.




Other Parts To Go With Your Camshafts...



Custom Valve Springs

ALPHA OMEGA Custom Valve Springs are fundamentally different - lightweight and light-rate valve springs are easier to compress which means less power is lost, less friction (heat) generated, less wear and less tear -all this gives you longer life and more power. These are a perfect match to the UN1CAMS.


Custom Valve Springs


Another benefit of the lightweight and light-rate spring design is that it minimises the wear and tear on the infamous VCT (VTC) sprocket/cam gear. Once this part wears out you get the horrible VCT sound that plagues modified SR20's. If left long enough the VCT gear will cease to operate and you will lose a large amount of power in the low to midrange. This part is also very expensive to replace so it's a good idea to keep it in excellent condition by using our Custom Valve Springs.


Custom Valve Springs

Dual or Double Valve Springs are also available for racing use, please talk to us about your goals..


Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers (RAS)

We choose, use and recommend Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers because we consider them to be the best. What sets Tomei above the rest is that they are the original designers of the 3-piece Rocker Arm Stopper design. The 3rd piece is there to keep the very important oil spray bar level. This is how ALPHA OMEGA would have designed and engineered Rocker Arm Stoppers, but since Tomei have already done it perfectly we will instead use and recommend the Tomei product.


Electronic Speedo Corrector KitElectronic Speedo Corrector KitElectronic Speedo Corrector KitElectronic Speedo Corrector Kit




For orders, please email us at:

Item Price
UN1CAMS for s14/s15 SR20DET (with VCT) $880
UN1CAMS for s13/180sx SR20DET (without VCT) $880
Custom Valve Springs $440
Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers $120
Installation available Please enquire


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