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Gearbox conversions

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Gearbox Bellhousing Machining/Exchange Service
To suit: 180sx, s13, s14, Silvia, 200sx (SR20) *NOT required for S15*


To successfully install the Z32 Gearbox Conversion Kit for 180sx, s13, s14, Silvia and 200sx's you will need to machine the Z32 gearbox bellhousing. We send you the instructions on what needs to be carried out but if you want a perfect fitting, quality CNC machined bellhousing from the people who designed and engineering the product then look no further...

We have pre-machined Z32 gearbox bellhousings available as an exchange service - send us your old bellhousing and we'll send you a prepared, machined bellhousing (along with the gearbox conversion kit) ready for a quick and easy installation.

If you prefer us to machine your bellhousing (no exchange) we can also do that.


What Is Involved?

  1. Sending someone to pick up your bellhousing (if machining your bellhousing)
  2. Scheduling in the work/stopping other jobs to modify your bellhousing (if machining your bellhousing)
  3. Cover bearings from machining swarfs and other contaminants
  4. Set up, jig and secure the bellhousing on the CNC (as it is not a symmetrical shape)
  5. CNC machining from the front face
  6. Perform an inspection
  7. Unsecure, turn over and re-secure
  8. CNC machining from the rear face
  9. Perform an inspection
  10. Chemical cleaning
  11. Media blast ("sand blasting")
  12. Quality Assurance inspection
  13. Packaging
  14. Delivery


Results/What You Get

Here's some examples of modified bellhousings including chemical cleaning and media blasting:

Prepared Z32 BellhousingPrepared Z32 BellhousingPrepared Z32 BellhousingPrepared Z32 Bellhousing


Conditions of Exchange

Your bellhousing must be...

  1. THOROUGHLY cleaned inside and outside
  2. Not have any damage
  3. Be in good working order
  4. Packaged safely and securely
  5. Sent via registered post and insured

If we receive your bellhousing in an unsatisfactory condition we will not supply an exchange, will notify you, and you can elect to pay for it to be shipped back to you un-machined, or wait up to 28 days for it to be machined for an additional $100.

To avoid the above issues we suggest that you send us high-resolution pictures of your thoroughly cleaned bellhousing prior to shipping it to us. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable bellhousings provide for reference.


NOT AcceptableNOT AcceptableNOT AcceptableNOT Acceptable

NOT AcceptableNOT AcceptableNOT Acceptable



Other Parts To Go With Your Bellhousing...



New Bearings

There are two bearings in the bellhousing which, after seeing a number of bellhousings with worn bearings, we suggest that they be replace for your piece of mind. We have found genuine Nissan OEM bellhousing are of the highest quality and fit perfectly. The bearings come as a pair and if you look closely one bearing is very unique - you can see how it slides in its own housing on what looks like almost 100 individual ball bearings. That is expert engineering and not easy to manufacture.


Z32 Gearbox Bellhousing BearingsZ32 Gearbox Bellhousing BearingsZ32 Gearbox Bellhousing BearingsZ32 Gearbox Bellhousing Bearings

NOT AcceptableZ32 Gearbox Bellhousing BearingsZ32 Gearbox Bellhousing BearingsZ32 Gearbox Bellhousing Bearings



For orders, please email us at:

Item Price
ALPHA OMEGA gearbox bellhousing pre-machined, exchange service, immediate delivery $350
ALPHA OMEGA gearbox bellhousing machining service (we machine your bellhousing) $400
A pair (2) of bellhousing bearings, including removal and installation $150

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